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  • php - How to combine two strings together? - Stack Overflow
    There are several ways to concatenate two strings together. Use the concatenation operator . (and .=)

  • php - What is the best way to add two strings together? - Stack...
    You are always going to create a new string whe concatenating two or more strings together. This is not necessarily bad, but it can have performance implications in certain scenarios (like thousands/millions of concatenations in a tight loop). I am not a PHP guy...

  • PHP string concatenation - Stack Overflow
    add a comment . up vote 0 down vote. I think this code should work fine.

  • PHP Function to Join Strings? - Stack Overflow
    You could have your custom string_join function add the strings to an array for you.

  • MS Excel: How to concatenate strings together (WS, VBA)
    Here, we have concatenated the values from the two cells (A1 and A2), separated by a space character. Concatenate Quotation Marks. Since the & operator will concatenate string values that are enclosed in quotation marks, it isnt straight forward how to add a quotation mark character to the...

  • Concatenate two strings
    (concatenate string a-string another-string).

  • ...and Disassembling Strings : String Concatenation « String « PHP
    Joining and Disassembling Strings.

  • In this blog you will learn how to Combine Two Strings in PHP.
    If we want to combine/concatenate two strings in PHP we just follow some special type of operators in PHP you can also see that In Other language we use + operator as a concatenation of two words but in PHP we use Dot Operator to concatenate two words.

  • Java - How to combine two Strings, add Strings
    Two Strings in java can combine together with simple adding of two strings with each. Concatenate String in java requires two string and put plus operator between it. String string1="String one"; String string2="Merge with second string"

  • String Concatenation and Formatting Join Method
    Concatenation combines two (or more) strings into a new string object.

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