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  • BBC Weather UK Forecast Last updated 12:33, Wednesday 9 Mar
    Latest hourly weather forecast for the UK with a detailed world view. Includes UK hour by hour forecasts, 10 day forecast, long range weather in our monthly outlook, weather warnings, videos, maps and analysis.

  • BBC Weather - United Kingdom Monthly forecasting
    BBC Weather carries two types of weather warnings issued by the Met Office: Warnings and Early Warnings.

  • BBC Weather: Latest UK Weather Forecast - Monday 3 October 2011...
    Today: Mainly warm and sunny in England and Wales. Rain spreading across Northern Ireland, Scotland and Cumbria during the morning, then southwards to Wales...

  • BBC Weather forecast
    You may have to resolve any ambiguity on the disambiguation page (often airports appear separately to the city). On the forecast page itself, note the number in the URL - id=nnnn.

  • Weather Online UK - current weather and weather forecast worldwide
    Weather for UK, Ireland and the world. Sailing, Marine Weather, Weather maps, radar, satellite, climate, historic weather data, information about meteorology, reports, weather warning.

  • weather.com/de-DE
    The Weather Channel und weather.com bieten eine landesweite und lokale Wettervorhersage für Städte sowie Wetterradar, Berichte und Unwetterwarnungen - weather.com.

  • Weather London - 14 days Most popular weather forecasts
    14 day weather in London. Animated forecast maps with rain, wind, satellite and temperatures. Always up-to-date.

  • Weather forecast (BBC) –[Multimedia-English videos]
    Weather forecast (BBC). UNIT 5 - part of lesson H. This is an authentic weather forecast. There is a listening exercise below (in ACTIVITY).

  • BBC Weather 5 Day Forecast
    The BBC Weather 5 day forecast covers both UK weather and weather around the world.

  • Приложения на Google Play – BBC Weather
    Wherever you are, and whatever your plans, you’re always prepared with the latest weather forecast from BBC Weather.

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