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  • How to Donate Gideon Bibles
    Access the Gideon website at www.gideons.org. Enter either an amount or number of Bibles you wish to donate, at a suggested rate of $5 per Bible. Pay by credit or debit card. Sign up for an automatic donation withdrawal from your savings or checking account.

  • Home
    Blog. Read the Bible. Reading Calendar. Helps.

  • The Gideons International Donate to the Gideons
    The Gideons International. About the Bible.

  • The Gideons International in Canada Donate to The Gideons
    Donate to The Gideons. Give today so more people can receive Gods Word.

  • How to Obtain a Free Bible - Christianity - About.com...
    How to Donate Gideon Bibles eHow...

  • Where do gideons get the money to put bibles in hotel rooms...
    They go around to churches and speak, most Baptists churches have the Gideons there once a year or more and the churches make donations or pledges to help buy bibles for that purpose. Some private individuals give to them yearly as well...when a person donates they can determine where they want...

  • How do I donate a Gideon Bible in memory of someone
    If the person in question is alive, you make a donation in honor of him, and if hes dead, you make a donation in memory of him.

  • Donate to Gideons Donate for Bibles
    Donate to Gideons. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path — Psalm 119:105.

  • Gideons International - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Gideons International again distributed Bibles at a public elementary school in Kentucky earlier this year. ^ "Anger as schools ban Gideon Bibles to avoid upsetting other faiths". Dailymail.co.uk.

  • Gideon Bibles Christian Forums
    The Gideons are spreading the word of Jesus, and it is likely that 99.9% of the people who read their Bibles in hotels never even glance at what version it is. When Jewish people have died, I have donated to have trees planted in Israel in their memories. If the family requests donations to their...

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