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  • Bridget Peters- Sexy Joe Manganiello’s Girlfriend
    Joe Manganiello was in Las Vegas at a boxing match when he met one of the ring girls, model Bridget Peters.

  • Who Is Bridget Peters, Joe Manganiellos Girlfriend? - uInterview
    Joe Manganiello, one of True Blood’s resident heartthrobs and new fitness author, is coming up on his one-year anniversary with his model girlfriend, Bridget Peters. Joe Manganiello Met Bridget Peters At A Boxing Match.

  • Joe Manganiello Grabs Lunch with Girlfriend Bridget Peters
    Joe Manganiello and his girlfriend Bridget Peters grab lunch together at Reel Inn Restaurant on Sunday afternoon (August 11) in Malibu, Calif.

  • Who is Joe Manganiello dating? Joe Manganiello Girlfriend, Wife
    Joe Manganiello is married to Sofía Vergara, they have been married for 1 month (since 22nd November, 2015). He has been engaged to Audra Marie from 2010 to 2011. He also dated Bridget Peters from 2013 to 2014 and Tenley Dene in 2012.

  • Joe Manganiello steps out with new buxom model girlfriend Bridget...
    They make a striking pair! True Blood star Joe Manganiello steps out with new buxom model girlfriend Bridget Peters. By Jade Watkins. Published: 17:39 GMT, 25 January 2013 Updated: 23:11 GMT, 25 January 2013. 9. View comments.

  • Joe Manganiello Keeps His Head Down At The Movies With Bridget...
    Joe Manganiello has a date night with Bridget Peters.

  • Joe Manganiello Girlfriend: Bridget Peters! - The Hollywood Gossip
    Bridget Peters in one seriously lucky lady. This brunette gets to ogle Joe Manganiello shirtless any time she wants... and not because she owns the complete box set of HBOs True Blood. People has learned that Peters and Manganiello have been dating since they met last year at a boxing match...

  • Joe Manganiello Broke Up With Girlfriend Bridget Peters
    The Magic Mike star misunderstood Kathy Lee Giffords question about a real one and ended up revealing his single status. Joe Manganiello is back on the single saddle. The "Magic Mike" actor revealed during "Today" appearance on Monday...

  • Joe Manganiello and Bridget Peters
    Girlfriend / Spouse.

  • Joe Manganiello brought new girlfriend Bridget Peters to Nina...
    Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiellos Tropical Honeymoon Looks Like Pure Bliss.

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