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  • [Аддоны] Добавляем MAS Weapon 1.8 и MAS Vehicles 1.0 - ГАЙДЫ...
    MAS Weapon MAS Vehicles MAS Addons Epoch arma 3 arma 3 epoch.

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    First Drive Review. Mazda gave itself a tough act to follow. The original Mazda 3 that launched in 2004 was an exceptional small car that delivered good fuel economy without sacrificing driving dynamics.

  • Car Review: 2010 Mazda3 Driving
    Los Angeles – Replacing a car that accounts for one-third of all one’s sales is a difficult venture at best. Evolution works, but, as other automakers with a similar dilemma have found, it can leave the new car looking old in a hurry.

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    I learned two bits of information from my fellow periodistas that I never would have guessed: The best Mexican food in the US can be found in Chicago, and Mazda is Mexicos Next Big Thing.

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    When I first saw the 2010 Mazda3 all I could think was that the gaping front mouth had been lifted directly from a Peugeot.

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    For example: new car reviews for this model by our editors. news including price changes, new models, or recall info.

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    Graham Smithy Smith reviews the used Mazda3 2009-2010: its fine points, flaws and what to watch for when buying it.

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    Обзор Mazda 3 2010 - Видео галерея. Ролики про автомобили. Тюнинг авто.

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    Представляю Вашему вниманию наиболее интересные статьи / обзоры Mazda 3. 1. Большой тест-драйв (б/у). 2. Подержанные автомобили (телеканал АвтоПлюс).

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