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  • Scholarships and Grants for Students in New Jersey - NJ
    New Jersey educational policy is proactive about higher education; providing need-based scholarships and grants to college students within the

  • New Jersey Scholarships < State
    If youre a student in The Garden State, use our list of New Jersey scholarships to help finance your education. Every reward you earn will make life after graduation so much easier. To start applying, check out the scholarships below!

  • New Jersey Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans
    New Jersey Golf Association (NJGA) Scholarship Foundation: Students must have served as a member club Caddie. The award amount is $3,000. New Jersey Banker’s Association Education Foundation, Inc...

  • New Jersey Scholarships - College Degree.com
    People in New Jersey go to college. Scholarships are very often the only way that some students will be able to afford to pay for their college educations.

  • New Jersey Nursing Scholarships & Grants Programs for NJ Student...
    Nursing Grants & Scholarships for NJ Students. Some scholarship and grant programs are available across the country but others are specific from state to state. New Jersey is no exception and there are several valuable programs available only to New Jersey residents.

  • List of New Jersey Scholarships - CollegeScholarships.com
    The New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Water Companies Association is offering two $2,500 scholarships to high school students who will be attending a New Jersey college or university and is interested in the water utility industry or any related field.

  • New Jersey Student Grants & Free College Scholarships in NJ
    Students attending New Jersey high schools in economically distressed areas are considered for the New Jersey Urban Scholars Program.

  • NJ STARS Scholarships Grants for New Jersey Students
    NJ Stars II Scholarships Grants. These are scholarships and grants that targets those students who are working towards their Bachelor’s degrees.

  • Scholarships in New Jersey
    Whether you are a native New Jerseyian or are considering moving to the state to take advantage of abundant learning opportunities, the following are 25 great scholarships available specifically to residents and students of New Jersey.

  • Scholarships - Seton Hall University, New Jersey
    NJ Stars II Scholarship Match. Eligibility: Incoming Transfers Seton Hall University offers special scholarships for NJ STARS graduates. New Jerseys Higher Education Student Assistance Authority offers NJ Stars participants the opportunity to continue on as STARS II students at private...

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