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  • How Long After Removing an IUD Can You Get Pregnant? eHow
    If youre using either the copper or progestin IUD, you may be wondering how quickly fertility resumes after its removed.

  • Can You Get Pregnant After Mirena Removal?
    Home » Getting Pregnant » How To Get Pregnant. Can You Get Pregnant After Mirena Removal?

  • getting pregnant after having copper IUD removed
    i had my copper IUD removed on 1/28/08. my period started 1/21/08. i am just wondering if i could become pregnant immediately after having it removed? using a ovulation calendar on the net, iguess i should have been fertile 2/2 - 2/5.

  • Getting Pregnant After Iud Removal - Birth Control Forum...
    Pregnancy after IUD Removal???? Wow this is really crazy how some of yall have gotten the iud removed with no pregnacy, Well Im in the boat were i just had mine removed in March 27, of 2009 and still i have not gottrn pregnant...

  • Pregnancy after IUD
    I just removed my copper IUD today, I hope to get pregnant soon! Keeping my fingers & toes crossed!

  • How long after copper IUD removal do you lose weight
    How long does it take to conceive after copper IUD removal? I got my copper iud out in December 2011 here we are June 2012 not pregnant...had it in a 4 1/2 yrs.

  • How Long Should I Wait to Get Pregnant after Having IUD Removed?
    After your IUD is removed you can go ahead and start trying if you want to conceive soon after.

  • Conceiving after IUD Removal? Yahoo Answers
    Conceiving after IUD Removal? I just had my copper IUD removed. My Doctor said that I should wait 2 months before TTC to get "a perfect lining" .

  • How long after removing my IUD should I wait to get pregnant?
    You can get pregnant immediately after having your IUD removed, without any risk to yourself or a potential baby due to the IUD.

  • What You Must Know About IUDs and Your Future Fertility
    What if I Cant Get Pregnant After Removal? The Research on IUDs and Fertility & What to Do if You Cant Pregnant.

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