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    SOCIAL SECURITY Office of Budget, Finance and Management September 25, 2013 Ms. Sylvia Mathews Burwell Director The Office of Management

  • From WREG Memphis: ...SSA Office” Preserve Your Social Security
    From WREG Memphis: “Government Employees Protest Shut Down of SSA Office”.

  • How the Government Shutdown Affects Social Security Disability...
    Social Security field offices are still able to help you file your application, but your application may not be processed until the shutdown has ended.

  • What the Government Shutdown Means for Real Estate
    Until legislation providing for funding is signed into law, many offices and programs of the federal government are now shut down.

  • Social Security Office Locations
    Social security is a social insurance program providing protection against socially recognized conditions, or social protection, including unemployment, poverty, disability, old age and others. Find Social Security Office Locations in your area.

  • More Obama Shutdown BS: Social Security Fully Staffed/Open...
    More smoke and mirrors and public relations scheming over the shutdown from the Obama Administration. A reader who works for the federal government sent this photo below of a sign that is apparently posted at all Social Security Administration offices. Since SSA is considered essential...

  • Social Security Office by Zip SocialSecurityHop.com
    Find Social Security Office. Social Security Handbook. Not affiliated with the government.

  • Federal shutdown: Social Security checks wont stop - Feb. 23, 2011
    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- What happens to Social Security if the government shuts down?

  • The Government Shutdown & Social Security Disability
    A complete contingency plan for the Social Security Administration’s operations during the government shutdown can be found at http

  • Government Shut Down: A Threat To Social Security? : NPR
    But you could see in a government shutdown that people would have a harder time applying for benefits or doing other things that - where they would interact with the Social Security Administrations offices.

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