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  • Censure motionsParliament of Australia
    Censure motions. Senate Statistical Information.

  • Chapter 9 – Parliament of Australia Motions requiring notice
    Thus, in the case of motions of censure to which an amendment as an alternative proposition has been moved, three questions have been put, namely

  • Motion of no confidence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A motion of no confidence (alternatively vote of no confidence, censure motion, no-confidence motion, or (unsuccessful) confidence motion) is a statement or vote that a person or persons in a position of responsibility...

  • Censure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A censure /ˈsɛnʃər/ is an expression of strong disapproval or harsh criticism. In parliamentary procedure, it is a debatable main motion that could be adopted by a majority vote. Among the forms that it can take are a stern rebuke by a legislature, a spiritual penalty imposed by a church...

  • Responsible Government: ...responsibility and motions of ‘censure’/...
    Motions of censure or no confidence against an individual minister may have significant political fall out and could be potentially damaging for both the

  • Censure Motion - General Knowledge Today
    A censure motion can be moved in lower house of the parliament or in a state assembly in India.

  • Parliament of Australia
    The Parliament of Australia is a bicameral parliament consisting of the House of Representatives (the "lower house") and the Senate (the "upper house" or "house of review").

  • censure motion — Универсальный англо-русский словарь
    Censure motion Дипломатический термин: предложение о вотуме недоверия, предложение о вотуме недоверия (правительству)...

  • BBC NEWS Asia-Pacific Rudd survives Bush leak censure
    The Australian parliament voted down the censure motion, which the White House and Mr Rudd had both dismissed.

  • Censure QuickiWiki
    Canada. Japan. Australia. United Kingdom.

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