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  • Jules Bistro
    JULES Bistro. An authentic French bistro experience in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver BC.

  • Jules Casual French Bistro, Vancouver - Gastown - Menu, Prices...
    We wanted a casual but delicious French meal and we found it at Jules Bistro. This was our first time in Vancouver and the concierge at the hotel gave us the recommendation.

  • Jules Casual French Bistro, Ванкувер - отзывы о ресторанах...
    Jules Casual French Bistro: рестораны поблизости. Ванкувер: популярная кухня.

  • Jules Bistro: Vancouver Restaurants Review - 10Best Experts...
    Set amongst Vancouvers cobblestone streets, Jules Bistro serves traditional French dishes with West Coast touches.

  • Jules Bistro in Vancouver Worlds Best Bars
    Jules Bistro. City-Center, Vancouver. Favourite.

  • Jules Bistro
    Jules Bistro, Ванкувер. Отметки «Нравится»: 363 · Обсуждают: 15 · Посетили: 1 152. A casual French bistro in Gastown, Vancouver, BC.

  • Review: Jules Bistro in Vancouver • Suburban Tourist
    Jules Bistro is a must-visit again spot the next time I’m visiting Vancouver. While the menu may not be extensive, the food we tried is worthy of the $80 bill (for two people...

  • Jules Casual French Bistro - Gastown - Ванкувер, BC
    См. 40 фото и 11 подсказ. от 331 посетит. Jules Casual French Bistro.

  • Jules French Bistro Address: 216 Abbott Street, Vancouver V6B 2K8
    With such a wonderful and well crafted display of French style and taste, it’s easy to forget that Jules Bistro is situated in downtown Vancouver and not on some cobbled stoned side street in Paris.

  • The Ultimate Vancouver Brunch Guide: Jules Casual French Bistro
    We’re taking a tasty tour of Vancouver’s many brunches to create The Ultimate Vancouver Brunch Guide. This week we’re at Jules Casual French Bistro in Vancouver’s historic Gastown. With authentic, hearty French bistro fare, a charming ambience and a relaxed feel...

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