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  • Fort Belknap Indian Community
    Copyright © 2015 Fort Belknap Indian Community, Gros Ventre and Assiniboine Tribes. All Rights Reserved.

  • Fort Belknap Indian Reservation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is a semi-autonomous Native American-governed territory covering 1,014.064 sq mi (2,626.415 km²), and is located in north central Montana. This includes the main portion of their homeland, as well as off-reservation trust land.

  • Fort Belknap Agency, Montana
    Fort Belknap — may refer to:*Fort Belknap Agency, Montana *Fort Belknap (Newcastle, Texas) … Wikipedia. Fort Belknap Indian Reservation...

  • Fort belknap reservation
    Land Ownership The Fort Belknap Reservation consists of 980 square miles or approximately 627,000 acres, of which, the tribes have mineral interest (BIA Trust Estate) in about 61,000 acres.

  • Fort Belknap (Texas) - Military Wiki - Wikia
    Fort Belknap, located near Newcastle, Texas, was established in 1851 by brevet Brigadier William G. Belknap to protect the Texas frontier against raids by the Kiowa and Comanche. It was the northernmost fort in a line from the Rio Grande to the Red River.

  • FORT BELKNAP The Handbook of Texas Online Texas State...
    Fort Belknap, a United States Army post three miles south of Newcastle in Young County, was founded on June 24, 1851, at the site of present Newcastle by Bvt.

  • Fort Tours Fort Belknap
    Fort Belknap Newcastle, TX 76372 Phone: 940-846-3222. Fort Belknap is owned by the citizens of Young County and no charge is made for its use.

  • Fort Belknap
    Fort Belknap, as it came to be known, was first made out of rock dugouts called jacals, but eventually the campus included several native stone buildings quarried from the area.

  • Международный код аэропорта Fort Belknap Agency в Гарлем...
    Международный код аэропортов IATA это трехбуквенный уникальный идентификатор обозначающий аэропорты Fort Belknap Agency.

  • городе Fort Belknap, Montana в Соединенных Штатах Америки...
    Fort Belknap. USA / Montana / Blaine Уезд / Fort Belknap.

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