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  • Amazon.com: OXO Good Grips Julienne Peeler: Kitchen & Dining
    Gift-wrap available. Style Name: Good Grips® Julienne Peeler.

  • What is a Julienne Peeler? (with pictures)
    A julienne peeler is a hand-held kitchen utensil which cuts vegetables into thin, even strips, in a style known as a julienne cut. These julienne strips can be used to dress up dishes like salads and pasta, and they can also be included in stir fries and other cooked dishes.

  • Shop for Julienne Peeler by Zyliss at ShopStyle. Now for $8.99.
    The Julienne Peeler from Zyliss makes creating strips of produce effortless. Use this peeler to cut sticks of carrots, potatoes or zucchini to use in stir fries or casseroles, or add Julienne cut cucumber as a healthy garnish to any dish.

  • Julienne Peeler - ShopStyle UK
    Find julienne peeler at ShopStyle UK. Shop the latest collection of julienne peeler from the most popular stores - all in one place.

  • Julienne Cutter: Kitchen Tools & Gadgets eBay
    This sturdy peeler helps you create decorative julienne strips for salads, vegetable dishes and garnishes.

  • Julienne Peeler eBay
    1 x Julienne Y Peeler. The super-sharp, precision stainless steel blades on this range make them completely effortless.

  • Brix Design A/S ... Julienne Peeler
    Julienne Peeler. Art. No.: X-1054751. Create culinary sensations with the OXO Good Grips Julienne Peeler. With OXOs Julienne Peeler you can quickly and safely make garnishes, salad toppings, Asian dishes, citrus zest and more.

  • Julienne Peeler - Definition and Cooking Information - RecipeTips.com
    A kitchen utensil made to simplify the process of making julienne strips used for decorative garnishes. These peelers typically have two blades, one straight-edge and one saw-tooth, placed perpendicular to the handle that serves to cut consistent sized strips as the utensil is run down and through the flesh...

  • Rosle Julienne Peeler Ratings & Reviews Williams-Sonoma
    Rosle Julienne Peeler. Julienne strips make a nice finishing touch for salads, garnishes and vegetable dishes. This 18/10 stainless-steel peeler lets you cut fine decorative julienne slices with the finesse of a professional chef.

  • Strip² - Julienne and Vegetable Peeler - clever multi-functional tool...
    Strip² - vegetable & julienne peeler.

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