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  • Installing GDAL (and OGR) for Python on Windows Python, GIS...
    Note that the following situations may cause issues with installing GDAL for Python

  • Installing GDAL with Python on windows? - Geographic Information...
    It works great and dramatically simplifies the Windows deployment story. Specifically, youll want to install pkg-gdal-python, which is within Libs in the installer tree.

  • Installing GDAL for Python on Windows
    Installing GDAL for Python on Windows You can install GDAL to work with versions of Python other than the one that comes with FWTools.

  • Unable to install Python and GDAL (DLL load failed) - Stack Overflow
    Python bindings. Install GDAL core components, add the installation dir to path, and add new environment variable GDAL_DATA pointing to data subdirectory of GDAL installation.

  • GdalOgrInPython – GDAL Installation
    The GDAL Python bindings support both distutils and setuptools, with a preference for using setuptools. If setuptools can be imported, setup will use that to build an egg by default. If setuptools cannot be imported, a simple distutils root install of the GDAL package...

  • Installing GDAL for Windows – Sandblog Step 1: Install Python
    2. Install python with the default options and directories. 3. After installation, go to Python –> IDLE (Python GUI) to find out what version of Python you are using

  • Install GDAL on Windows at Cartometric Blog
    The GDAL Python bindings installer should detect your Python installation. Set the Environment Variables. We’re nearly finished installing GDAL.

  • Installing GDAL in a Python virtual environment · GitHub
    (gdalenv) $ pip install --no-install GDAL. Specify where the headers are

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    Python: Install GDAL on Vista « Enumaps Weblog (23:23:36)

  • [Python] GDAL installation - Grokbase
    I currently installed the Python 2.7.9 and installed the GDAL package. First, I tried to install GDAL using PIP but it throws an error - I cannot remember the exact error message. So, I install it using easy_install command.

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