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  • Department of Trade and Taxes
    Contact us. Department of Trade & Taxes Government of N.C.T. of Delhi.

  • Department Of Trade And Taxes Latest News From Delhi Govt.
    In case, anything contained on this site is in contradiction to the provisions of the Delhi Value Added Tax Act & the Central Sales Tax Act & rules framed there under...

  • Delhi VAT – DVAT
    Delhi VAT: DVAT Registration Online Process In 2016.

  • Delhi Vat DVAT Registration Requirements and Procedure
    Further, the dealer should only Purchase or Sale goods within the state of Delhi only. The salient feature of DVAT Composition scheme is given below.

  • DVAT: Delhi Value Added Tax Rules 2005- Text from www.dvat.gov.in
    as on 31st March, 2005 to the Commissioner, in a statement in Form DVAT 53 along with his first return due to be filed after the notification of the Delhi Value Added Tax (Fifth Amendment) Rules...

  • DVAT - Delhi Value Added Tax in Government & Military...
    "Delhi Value Added Tax" can be abbreviated as DVAT. Q: A: What is the meaning of DVAT abbreviation?

  • dvat.gov.in Delhi Commercial Tax
    dvat.gov.in Delhi Commercial Tax VAT return Registration. DVAT is a multi-stage tax on sale of goods, work contract, lease and hire purchase in Delhi.

  • Form DVAT 16A - Delhi
    Department of Trade and Taxes Government of NCT of Delhi Form DVAT 16A [See Rule 5A] Form of return to be furnished by a Casual Trader Return for the period From……….To…………(dd/mm/yy) 1...

  • DVAT Updates Expert consulting on Delhi VAT and CST
    28-04-2015 - Furnish return in form Bank-1 by all schedule Banks having branches in Delhi whether registered or not registered under DVAT Act, in regard of silver, gold, vehicles etc..

  • Form DVAT 23 Delhi Value Added Tax Refund Form
    ...Designation _ Place: _ Date: _ Form DVAT 23: Annexure (i) Detail of purchase of tax paid goods in respect...

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