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  • PS3 Controller Problems
    One of the most common complaints of the PS3 console is the problems with its controller. A malfunctioning controller will prevent you from carrying out any activity on the console, and this is a problem that you need to solve immediately.

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    I was having a problem with my controller randomly pushing buttons so I fixed it. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    PS3 Controller Problems. Although game controllers undergo extensive quality assurance to make sure they function when they reach your hands, both the SIXAXIS and

  • ps3 - Playstation 3 - controller connection problem - Arqade
    You said that you bought new PS3, is controller that comes with PS3 working, and the one that you have from old console (?) not working? Is the contoller that is not working an original Sony controller, or a compatible one from some other brand?

  • PS3 controller problems. - PlayStation Forum
    Cansomeone help meplease? my PS3 controller wont turn on, and if i attatch it to the PS3 via the charging cable then the four lights are flashing

  • Common PS3 Controller Problems and How to Fix Them eBay
    Many problems with PS3 controllers can be fixed by performing the following steps

  • PS3 Controller Problems? Tips to Fix
    Joined: April 23, 2009. PS3 Controller Problems? Tips to Fix.

  • PS3 Controller Problems? Yahoo Answers
    Note: Some of the components inside a PS3 controller are VERY poorly built. You can remove the four screws at the back of your controller, and take a look by opening it up (the casing of the controller can be un-lidded for an inspection of the inside).

  • Use a PS3 Controller on Linux (USB) Game Imps
    ok i have a rather bizzare problem. I’ve followed all the steps with no problem and now the computer sees the controller normally (i use xubuntu 14.04).

  • How to Connect a Playstation 3 Controller to a Mac...
    If you want to disconnect the PS3 controller so that you can use it again with another device, the playstation, another Mac, or to re-sync it to OS X

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