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  • CompilationGuide – FFmpeg FFmpeg Compilation Guide
    CompilationGuide/MinGW – MinGW Compilation Guide for compiling FFmpeg with

  • Compile FFmpeg on Ubuntu, Debian, or Mint
    You may also refer to the Generic FFmpeg Compilation Guide for additional information. Recent static builds are also available for lazy people or those who are unable to compile.

  • CompilationGuide/MinGW – FFmpeg Windows Compilation Tips
    To compile FFmpeg, you need to install the mingw-w64 GCC environment (either in the i686 or x86_x64

  • CompilationGuide/CrossCompilingForWindows – FFmpeg
    Some building environments aim to automatically build the cross compilers and dependencies of FFmpeg.

  • Compiling FFmpeg with external libraries
    Also, you may need to compile the libraries themselves with VC in order to make it possible to link them when building the FFmpeg DLLs.

  • Platform Specific Information
    If you compiled FFmpeg libraries statically and you want to use them to build your own shared library, you may need to force PIC support (with --enable-pic during FFmpeg configure)...

  • GitHub - rdp/ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers: Helper script for cross...
    rdp/ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers. Code. Issues 6.

  • Zeranoe FFmpeg - Builds
    All builds on this page are licensed as GPL 3.0, but FFmpeg can be compiled as LGPL 2.1, LGPL 3.0, and GPL 2.

  • Compiling ffmpeg with DeckLink SDK Forum
    Can someone point me in the right direction for compiling FFMpeg with DecklinkSDK?

  • ffmpeg compile/configure/build windows Rogers woze
    Skip to content. Home. ffmpeg compile/configure/build windows. 11 Replies.

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