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  • Jang Song Thaek and family: can these elites improve the life...
    Jang Song Thaek is an advisor to Kim Jong Il and probably the second most powerful person in North Korea. It is interesting to see that members of his family also hold important positions. This concerns not only those who are alive, but also those who are deceased.

  • Jang Sung-taek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jang Sung-taek (pronounced [tɕaŋ sʰʌŋtʰɛk]; January or February 1946 – 12 December 2013), also romanized as Jang Song-thaek, Chang Sŏng-taek and other variations, was a leading figure in the government of North Korea.

  • Jang Song Taek North Korea Leadership Watch
    One final possibility is that Chang’s family background caught him between the supporters and opponents of Kim Chong-il’s succession campaign in the 1970s.

  • Academia.edu Documents in Jang Song Thaek - Academia.edu
    Sign Up. Jang Song Thaek. 12 Followers. People.

  • People watch television news showing Jang Song-thaek in court...
    Jang Song-thaek’s only daughter, Jang Kum-song, committed suicide in 2006, so the alleged

  • Kim Jong-uns uncle Jang Song-thaek executed, say North Korean...
    Jang Song-thaek, previously one of the countrys most powerful men, was ousted last week in a spectacular purge.

  • ...Kim Jong-Un executes the family of his uncle Jang Song-Thaek
    Now Kim Jong-Un executes his late uncles entire family to prevent mutiny - including women, children and the ambassadors to Cuba and Malaysia. Children, brothers and grandchildren of Jang Song-Thaek said to be dead. South Korean news agency reporting purge of entire family.

  • Family members behind Jang Song Thaek purge – NKSIS NK News...
    North Korea’s decision to remove Jang Song Thaek from power was made not only by Kim Jong Un, but also Kim Kyong Hui and Kim Jong Chul, North Korea Strategic Information Service Center (NKSIS) reported on December 12.

  • Jang Song Thaek family: Relatives shot to death...
    The Jang Song Thaek family was recently executed under order of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

  • Jang Song Thaek Family images
    View 32 Best jang song thaek family images.

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