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  • Payroll Services and More for Any Size Business
    Are you in need of payroll services, HR services, 401(k) and benefits administration, or more? No matter the size of your business, Paychex can help.

  • Retirement Services 401(k) Administration & Recordkeeping...
    401(k) Retirement Plans and Administration Services. Paychex offers flexible 401(k) plan design, recordkeeping, and plan management services.

  • Get Your Paychex 401(k) Plan
    A Simpler Way to Enroll in Your 401(k). Make the affordable choice of a Paychex 401(k) plan and feel confident in your future.

  • Start saving for your retirement by enrolling in a Paychex 401(k) plan.
    A 401(k) plan is an easy, affordable step toward saving for your future.

  • 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan Paychex Financial and Investment Advisor...
    Paychex 401(k) Profit-Sharing Plan. Capitalizing on retirement plan contributions can be simple and affordable for highly compensated business owners...

  • Save Into Your Paychex 401(k) Plan
    Save money into your Paychex 401(k) plan and make your retirement goals more attainable.

  • Paychex 401k & FSA
    Explore the benefits for you and your staff to add the Paychex payroll-integrated 401k plan and Flexible Spending Account program.

  • Adding a Paychex 401k - Mint
    Hi. My entire 401k portfolio is moving over to Paychex. I tried adding it, but it says it is in beta. I did a search and it looks like its been in beta for quite a while. Any approximate timeline on when it will be out of beta? One of the key reasons I love Mint is the ability to keep track of whats going on with my 401k.

  • Paychex Employee 401K Plan Glassdoor
    Paychex 401K Plan, reported anonymously by Paychex employees.

  • Problems with Paychex 401(k) - 401k Ask MetaFilter
    Problems with Paychex 401(k) January 21, 2009 5:25 PM Subscribe. Things got bad enough that I cashed out my 401(k) from Paychex recently.

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