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  • Tickets refund TRANSAERO
    Basic rules of refund. For tickets issued on/after 1st of August 2015 according to the Federal Law №79-FZ from 20.04.2014 new conditions about NON-REFUNDABLE tickets are applied to the following fares types

  • Ticket Changes & Refunds : Delta Air Lines
    Ticket Changes & Refunds. Things dont always go as planned. Heres all you need to know when your travel plans require a change. Lost Tickets.

  • Airline Reservations, Flight Airfare, Ticket refund - copa.com
    Completely used tickets are not refundable. If the ticket is not refundable, you may use it as a method of payment for a new ticket, which must be in the name of the same passenger as on the original ticket.

  • Greyhound Ticket Refund & Exchanges
    Refundable tickets (Flexible tickets). Non-refundable tickets (all other fare types). Get a full refund. No refunds allowed. Exchange your ticket to another date or time for free.

  • ...Charges for E-Ticket (Service charge levied is not Refundable)
    Refund Rules. Ticket Booking/cancellation Hours: 00.30 HRS to 23.30 HRS IRCTC Service Charges for I-Ticket (Service charge levied is not Refundable)

  • Ticket Refund Application - Air Canada Refunds
    Ticket Refund Status Search. Before we get started, please read these important notes.

  • Is my ticket refundable? – Customer Support
    Sample of a refundable ticket, subject to a cancellation fee: If refundable, partially used round trip-tickets or unused connection portions may be submitted for refund when either the going, return or connecting portion is completely unused.

  • Ticket Refund : Nordavia - Regional Airlines. Buy tickets online
    Amount of money refunded for voluntary ticket refund upon notification of «Nordavia - Regional Airlines» on that fact not later than 24 hours departure of the flight shall be calculated in the following way

  • Refunding, changing or cancelling tickets ordered online
    Conditions for exchanging and refunding tickets ordered online. Cancellation If you have log-in details for a "My Bahn" customer account, you can cancel your ticket* - subject to the applicable refund conditions - via the booking review in "My Bahn".

  • ...about cancellation charges or how much of a ticket might be refunded.
    You can use this form to request a refund for tickets purchased directly from Emirates, either through emirates.com, one of our contact centres or from an Emirates ticket office.

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