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  • Chinese Tilapia AIP
    NGOs generally rank Chinese farmed tilapia poorly, but a notable improvement in the rating of pond-farmed Chinese tilapia was found lately

  • Do Not Eat Tilapia!
    Most Chinese tilapia is farmed in ponds.

  • Chinese tilapia > auf chinesische Art zubereiteter Buntbarsch
    Ja, gegoogelt habe ich nach "Tilapia" und "Chinese tilapia", aber eine aufschlussreiche Quelle dazu, ob es sich um ein Gericht handelt, für das ein spezieller Begriff im Deutschen existiert...

  • FAO GLOBEFISH More tilapia produced in China
    Chinese tilapia production is expected to continue growing in the near future in response to recovering demand for tilapia products by foreign markets, in particular the USA...

  • Tilapia culture in mainland china
    Tilapia culture in mainland China started in early 1960s, but was not popular until early 1980s.

  • Is Farm-Raised Tilapia from China Dangerous?
    There is an ongoing debate regarding farm-raised tilapia from China.

  • Chinese Sustainable Tilapia Initiative
    Chinese Sustainable Tilapia Initiative May 2012 I. Overview Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) was first introduced to China in 1957 from Vietnam.

  • Tilapia farming in China
    Farming modes and technologies At present, Chinese tilapia farming has been developed rapidly, playing an important role in the freshwater aquaculture.

  • Tilapia
    In recent years, the quality and variety of Chinese tilapia products have improved, and state-of-the-art processing plants now handle the huge volume of product.

  • Imported Chinese Tilapia Are Raised on Feces World Truth.TV
    Small farms, high demands and lax oversight are inspiring fish farmers in China and Southeast Asia to feed their fish, especially tilapia, with animal feces. TRUE: In many cases, fish farmed in Asia and imported to the US have been raised on diets of chicken and pig feces.

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