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  • Search Application
    Sign Up for Permit Application Notices. Permitting Meetings.

  • SJRWMD - Open Source Portal

  • Florida’s Water Permitting Portal
    Welcome to the permitting portal for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Florida’s water management districts.

  • Permitting - Permits Environmental State Water Permit
    Floridas Water Management Districts Permitting Portal. SJRWMD Contact and Service Locations ...

  • Permit Number 140852-2 Wedgefield Area K-8 School
    Compliance with Permit Conditions: To submit your required permit compliance information, go to the District’s website at floridaswater.com/permitting.

  • Permitting
    Permit applicants who need assistance resolving issues may contact the District’s Ombudsman, James Peluso, at (904) 224‑2958 or jpeluso@sjrwmd.com.

  • Multiverse Portal Permissions Bukkit Forums
    Multiverse Portal Permissions. Discussion in Bukkit Help started by Jaluvshuskies, Oct 23, 2013.

  • Consumptive Use Permit Thresholds October 2014
    SJRWMD Other Restrictions No permit is required under section 40C-2.051, F.A.C., for water used strictly for domestic use which occurs in a private residence, water withdrawn for contamination removal, uses for which a certification obtained pursuant to Power Plant Siting Act, water for APTs...

  • www.Flwaterpermits.com - Welcome to the Florida Water Management...
    webapub.sjrwmd.com Floridas Water Management Districts Permitting Portal. swfwmd.state.fl.us ePermitting. swfwmd.state.fl.us Floodplain Map Viewer. sjrwmd.com Overview and Mission Statement.

  • florida fiscal portal doc melt info
    ... During fiscal year 2004, the water management districts of the state of Florida collaborated in the design and construction of a Permitting Portal website that ... open.sjrwmd.com/flwaterpermits/docs/PermittingPortal_Phase_II...·

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