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  • Simon Cowell Baby TMZ.com
    Simon Cowell is the new Winston Churchill -- last night he took his current girlfriend AND his ex-fiancee out to dinner ... at the same time ... and somehow, it didnt end in World War 3. Simon treated baby mama-GF Lauren Silverman and...

  • Simon Cowells Baby Mama -- I Didnt Cheat ... My Hubby Knew...
    Simon Cowells Baby Mama -- I Didnt Cheat ... My Hubby Knew Everything Lauren Silverman -- the woman who is allegedly pregnant with Simon Cowells baby...

  • Simon Cowell’s Baby Mama Settles Divorce Star Magazine
    Lauren Silverman, better known as Simon Cowell’s baby mama, has settled her divorce with ex-husband Andrew Silverman.

  • Simon Cowells Baby Mama Shows Off Baby Bump - AOL On
    VIDEO DESCRIPTION: New York socialite Lauren Silverman, who reportedly is having Simon Cowells baby, was seen out and about sporting a baby bump. + ADD to my list.

  • Simon Cowells Baby Mama Drama - Video Dailymotion
    One of the biggest stories coming out of this week was news that Simon Cowell is expecting a baby with (technically) still-married New York socialite Lauren Silverman. Naturally, the press was hoping to get a comment from him during the X Factor press conference. Naturally, that didnt happen.

  • Simon Cowell’s Ex Fiancee ‘Furious’ Over Baby Mama Drama...
    Simon Cowell’s bringing a whole new meaning to The X Factor, only this time it’s his ‘ex’ factor. Despite reports that Cowell’s former fianceé Mezhgan.

  • Simon Cowell’s baby mama drama New York Post
    Lauren Silverman — baby bump on display — and Simon Cowell walk grim-faced along a Barbados beach the day after Christmas.

  • Simon Cowells baby mama Lauren Silverman reaches divorce...
    Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman. Pacific Coast News.

  • Simon Cowell Dumped Baby Mama Six Weeks Ago (Report)
    Simon Cowell’s baby mama was eyeing two due dates — one for the birth and another for her prenup payday. Lauren Silverman had to patiently wait to make their steamy love affair public, sources told The Post, so her prenup could kick in.

  • Simon Cowells baby mama finalizes divorce
    Simon Cowells baby mama Lauren Silverman has finalized her divorce — and youll never guess how shes celebrating.

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