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  • UK Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust
    The amount of Irish Wolfhounds make you rescued to date?We have actually saved 6 wolfhounds to this day.

    . . . to the UK Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust website. We aim to provide loving homes for Wolfhounds whose owners can no longer keep them.

  • UK Irish Wolfhound Rescue ― ADOPTIONS ― RescueMe.Org
    Rescue Alerts. No Irish Wolfhound for adoption in UK, please click New Location above. PIease Read Before Adopting an Irish Wolfhound in UK.

  • THE IRISH WOLFHOUND RESCUE TRUST Living with an Irish...
    His great size may be a deterrent to the uninitiated, but to keep an Irish Wolfhound locked in a builders yard overnight is ludicrous.

  • Rescue - Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc.
    Additionally, the IWCA has agreed to provide reciprocal cooperation, through our IWCA Rescue Chair, with the UK Irish Wolfhound Club in assessing homes for dogs contemplated being sent from overseas.

  • Irish Wolfhound for rescue in Scotland, United Kingdom Clickpets
    Hungarian Vizsla Irish Setter Irish Wolfhound Jack Russell Keeshond Kerry blue terriers King Charles Spaniel Labradoodle Labrador Retriever Lancashire Heeler Leonberger Maltese Old English Sheep Dog Other

  • Irish wolfhounds
    History and photographs, discussion of breed standard, breed history, advice on puppy buying and care, information on diet, health issues, complementary and nutritional therapies, communication and cartoons.

  • Rescue Me! Irish Wolfhound Rescue
    Irish WolfhoundRESCUE ALERT ◀. This animal is posted for adoption on Rescue Me! Click here for details, or share on your timeline by clicking the Share link below. ♥

  • List of Irish Wolfhound Rescue Groups eHow UK

  • Cornovi Irish Wolfhounds, Puppies for sale, irish wolfhound puppies
    I am a Full Member of both the UK Breed Clubs, serve as a representative for the IW Society on the Irish Wolfhound Health Group, and am the Secretary of the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust.

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