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  • CSS · Bootstrap

  • Components · Bootstrap Button toolbar
    Button dropdowns require the dropdown plugin to be included in your version of Bootstrap.

  • css - Styling twitter bootstrap buttons - Stack Overflow
    Basically, the buttons in Twitter Bootstrap are controlled in CSS by ".btn{}". What you have to do is go to the CSS file and find where it says "btn" and change the color settings.

  • css3 - Styling Twitters Bootstrap 3.x Buttons - Stack Overflow
    In the above #1dcc00 will be your custom color and #19b300 your darker color. In stead of the less solution you also can add this css direct to your html files (after the bootstrap css). Or get your css code direct from Twitters Bootstrap 3 Button Generator.

  • Bootstrap Buttons
    Bootstrap provides seven styles of buttons: Default. Primary.

  • buttons Twitter Bootstrap Alternate button styles
    Button Styles. As a convention, buttons should only be used for actions while hyperlinks are to be used for objects.

  • Beautiful Buttons for Twitter Bootstrappers
    This is an extension to the Twitter Bootstrap framework. It makes creating pretty buttons easy. (Send improvements to @charliepark.) First, monkey with the sliders on the left. Use your arrow keys for extra precision. (Button Puffiness might not affect all browsers.)

  • Twitters Bootstrap 3 Button Generator :: Home
    Twitters Bootstrap 3 Button Generator. Generate buttons for Twitters Bootstrap 3 on the fly. Enter your html color code (hexadecimal) and get two variations of buttons (default and with gradients (2.x style)).

  • How to Create Buttons with Bootstrap 3 - Tutorial Republic
    Creating Buttons with Bootstrap. Buttons are the integral part of a website and application.

  • BBG - Bootstrap Button Generator
    Bootstrap Button Generator The simplest way to generate new button styles for Twitters Bootstrap 3.x. Generated buttons are compatible with Bootstrap 3.x. If you are still using Bootstrap 2.x, use the older version of Bootstrap Button Generator.

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