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  • Salvation Army Pick Up
    Pick up services from the Salvation Army vary by region. It is best to contact your local branch to find out if they offer pick up services. Since picking up items cost the Salvation Army money, it is considerate to keep several things in mind

  • Schedule a Donation Pickup The Salvation Army Family Stores
    Scheduling a pickup with The Salvation Army is quick and easy. Follow the steps on this page and support the work of The Salvation Army.

  • The Salvation Army – Clothes Donation Pick Up Area
    Ready to schedule a Salvation Army donation pick up?

  • The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division - Family Thrift Stores
    Schedule a Donation Pick Up.

  • ...pick up anything from automobiles to clothing (Salvation Army)...
    The Salvation Army offers pick-up service upon request for those unable to deliver their items to one of the 2,300 drop-off locations throughout the country. So start piling up your gently used items for the organization that delivers a world of good.

  • Salvation Army Pick Up
    Salvation Army Pick Up. Additional contact and information resources for Salvation Army Houston are located below for your convenience. There are 17 Salvation Army centers of operation in the Greater Houston area, including 5 housing facilities, 7 worship centers and more.

  • Salvation Army Pick Up Services is worst in the world
    Salvation Army scheduled a pick up and I took the day off. I called several times during the day and was told they were coming. At the end of the day I called again and was told truck had a flat tire but they never would have told me unless I called.

  • Furniture Pick-up d7.thriftstore.ca
    Salvation Army Canada. Furniture Pick-up. If you live in

  • The Salvation Army in the United States of America.
    The Salvation Army’s 125th Red Kettle Campaign Sets New Record with Nearly $150 Million Raised!

  • Salvation Army Pick Up Apartment Therapy
    So we dialed up the Salvation Army—which picked it up for us! It turns out that the Salvation Army, schedules pick ups if you have two large pieces of furniture or three bags of clothes. So we called 1-800-728-7825, and scheduled a pick up for three days later.

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