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  • Bundle Element WiX Toolset
    The version of the bundle. Newer versions upgrade earlier versions of the bundles with matching UpgradeCodes.

  • How to include version number in Wix bundle/bootstrapper output file...
    Browse other questions tagged wix version bundle or ask your own question. asked. 8 months ago.

  • bootstrapper - How to make the WiX Bundle version...
    The "Version" attribute in a WiX Bundle is displayed in Programs and Features. Therefore this ought to be the same as my actual applications version number, right? On the assumption they should be the same it doesnt seem immediately obvious how to have this update automatically.

  • wix-users - bundle installed multiple times
    When do you change the version number? On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 11:41 AM, [hidden email] <[hidden email]> wrote

  • wix-users - Bundle Version and patching
    When installing, I create an OldDisplayVersion which has the version number for what is about to be overwritten and then on uninstall

  • Bootstrapping
    A Burn project, called a bundle, is just as easy to author. Note that this is a separate WiX project: you author your own MSIs exactly as before.

  • WiX v3.10 version twist – Joy of Setup
    Traditionally, WiX version numbers have been based on using three fields: major.minor.build.

  • best practices - Version number for a bundle - TeX - LaTeX Stack...
    Version numbers are used by maintainers of distributions (like TeXLive or MikTeX) to update their collections. Often it is done automatically by scripts. Options (2) saves a lot of trouble for them. When a package does not have a version or different parts have different versions...

  • WiX toolset / Bugs / ...Burn does not natively support same version...
    If you build and install a bundle and then rebuild it with the same version number and install it both versions appear in ARP.

  • WiX Burn: Bundling SQL Server to your Bootstrapper Chris Schiffhauer
    When creating a WiX installer for your application, you may want to bundle an installation of SQL Server Express to it.

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