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  • ifconfig -a not working on HP-UX , why ? - Hewlett Packard...
    # ifconfig lan0. If you just want to see ip addresses for all interfaces: # netstat -in.

  • интерфейс Unix pin HP-UX
    HP-UX. Список всех интерфейсов.

  • hp-ux ifconfig ? - Admin - Форум
    → Re: hp-ux ifconfig ? Ты ошибаешься, нет такого поведения у чпукса.

  • HP-UX ifconfig question. Unix Linux Forums HP-UX
    lan0 - is up and configured lan1 - is down, I want to bring it up. lanconfig....ifconfig is there a difference? My real question is, in solaris there is an /etc/hostname."?" file, is there a corresponding file in HP-UX.

  • HP-UX networking related tools and commands
    (b) All in one lan configuration utility (lan0 is first Ethernet interface) to configure and view the system IP address: # ifconfig lan0

  • HP-UX Operating System: LAN Configuration Guide
    HP-UX version 11.00.03 Overview 1-7 LAN Device Naming LAN Device Files The system uses LAN device files to directly access the LAN driver.

  • HP-UX Manual Page for: ifconfig (1m) -- configure network interface...
    Hewlett-Packard Company - 7 - HP-UX 11i Version 2: Sep 2004. ifconfig(1M) ifconfig(1M). interface with a different IP index number, but with the same IP.

  • Networking: interface lan6: ifconfig: device busy HP® Support
    However, since I installed the APA (Auto-Port Aggregation) 11.05 software (though the software if not configured), S340net (rc startup script) returns the following error: interface lan6: ifconfig: device busy How can I resolve this error? CONFIGURATION. Operating System - HP-UX Version...

  • HP-UX equivalent to ifconfig - HP: HP-UX - Tek-Tips
    RE: HP-UX equivalent to ifconfig. bi (TechnicalUser) 3 Sep 03 10:48. HP has ifconfig (in fact, the

  • I -- HP-UX Reference, HP Part Number B2355-60130, Publication...
    ifconfig lan0:3 inet6 2222::4 up. Tunnel interface configuration

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