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  • What racist comments has Mel Gibson made now?
    Mel Gibsons racist comments rant; Gibson uses the N-word to Oksana. The mountain of race hate that the billionaire actor Mel Gibson appears to be now, has erupted again, this time against Blacks; Mel uses

  • ...Who Were Caught Being Racist List of Offensive Celeb Comments
    For some, like former leading man and acclaimed filmmaker Mel Gibson or culinary legend Paula Deen, making racist remarks have truly ruined their reputation. Racism is a huge problem all over the world and in the U.S. – race relations, discrimination, and racial stereotypes are constantly hot...

  • 16 Celebs Who Were Outed For Being Racist - TheRichest
    Probably the most well known incident of celebrity racism; occurring back in 2006, during a drunk driving arrest, actor Mel Gibson thought it would be a good idea to hurl racist comments in the streets of LA about his hatred towards Jewish people.

  • NAACP: Mel Gibson, Out of Control Racist TMZ.com
    Jenkins says "An apology is insufficent given his history of racism, sexism and anti-semitism." Jenkins adds, "No amount of words will change his image as an out of date and out of control racist."

  • Mel Gibson Condemned For Alleged Racist, Sexist Rant Against Ex
    After reports emerged of Mel Gibsons racist and sexist rants against ex Oksana Grigorieva, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and others

  • Actor Mel Gibson’s racist comments caught on tape
    In a row with his wife actor Mel Gibson blurted racist comments unaware that his comments were being taped.

  • Mel Gibsons Alleged Threat to Ex-Girlfriend Could Be Classified...
    Now Playing. Mel Gibson in Racist Rant Scandal.

  • Mel Gibsons racist and violent outburst at former lover Osanka...
    View comments. [caption]. Mel Gibson launched a racist and threatening tirade against the mother of his eight-month-old love child, it has been claimed today.

  • Mel Gibson Likes To Share His Racism DrJays.com Live Fashion....
    What a f*cking ding-dong. In Mel Gibson‘s world, if you hate your baby mama, you call her up

  • Mel Gibson Racist Comments Oksana Grigorieva N Word Rape...
    Mel Gibson Gives Another Racist Rant.

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