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  • Educator Licenses Ohio Department of Education
    Check on my license application? Find FAQs about the online licensure system? Understand background check requirements?

  • Educator Licensing - TN.Gov
    Please note that the licensure information in TNCompass does not yet serve as the official hub or educators license information.

  • Education Licensure
    Effective July 16, 2015 Summary of New Licensure Requirements pursuant to HB 2657. Posted July 1, 2015 Important: Professional Educator Licenses (PEL) may be renewed and registered up to August 31 without any penalty.

  • Educator Licensure
    Teachers and Leaders Council. Title I Committee of Practitioners.

  • First Time Licensure, Administrator and Teacher License Renewal...
    Special Education Licensure. Teacher License Lookup.

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    Pathways to Licensure – Learn about the different pathways to become a licensed educator in Wisconsin. License Types and Requirement – Learn about the different licenses issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public

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    Licensure. On this page: Application. Renewal. Changes. Approved Teacher Education Programs.

  • Online Teaching License Programs
    Online Teaching License Degree Programs. Teachers are the ground-level workers powering the

  • Office of Educator Licensure
    Licensure is responsible for the issuance of academic and vocational educator licenses as well as Adult Basic Education (ABE) licenses.

  • Teacher Licensure osse One-Stop Education Resource
    Teacher Licensure. Teaching licenses/credentials issued by OSSE authorize the holder to serve in an instructional, school leadership or

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