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  • Self Serve Koodo Mobile Billing and Payments
    Activating your Koodo Prepaid Phone. Moving Your Number to Koodo.

  • Koodo Mobile Home
    Koodo Mobile - Official Site.

  • Prepaid Koodo Mobile
    Koodo 101:Paying your Bill.

  • Koodo Prepaid - Login to Prepaid Self Serve
    Registering for Self Serve only takes a few minutes! If you activated your Prepaid phone online, then you’re already registered for Self Serve.

  • Koodo Mobile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Koodo Mobile is a Canadian mobile brand started by Telus in 2008 and mostly oriented toward younger customers. Koodo differs from its parent Telus by not requiring a fixed term contract. Koodo currently provides postpaid and prepaid services.

  • Cheapest prepaid pay as you go plan in Canada. Period.
    The information is scattered. That said, it appears that the Virgin Mobile Canada pay as you go (pay per minute) is very similar to that of PC Mobile.

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    Koodo Mobile (Telus Mobility network). Plans Add-ons.

  • Koodo Mobile — Bruce Beh
    Koodo Mobile is a Canadian Mobile Brand started by Telus in 2008. Koodo offers postpaid and pre-paid wireless service with low-cost plans and the latest devices.

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    Prepaid O2 UK Pay As Go Sim Card, 3G dat...

  • Koodo Canada-Wide Talk & Text $30, Never pay for long distance...
    Get the Koodo Mobile Coverage Map with locations of Stores and get the Koodo Mobile Wireless Coverage Areas in Canada.

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