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  • Dry, flaky, white skin on scrotum - Dermatology - MedHelp
    The skin does not bubble up or anything it looks normal except its white and flaking off, the only time it itches is when I itch it, dont know if any of that helps.

  • Dry, flaky white patches of skin on scrotum - Dermatology - MedHelp
    Hi i am a 14 years old male and lately i have notice dry, white patches of skin on my scrotum.

  • White flaky dead skin on scrotum, peeling off. Itching, dry skin...
    I’m 15 years old and I went to go to the bathroom and I saw that my scrotum had white flaky dead skin and is peeling off all over my scrotum but it doesnt hurt and its not sore, I was itching it yesterday and it felt like my skin was very dry, it looked like if u ever put glue.

  • ...are dry flaky white skin patches on the thigh creases and scrotum
    What is white flaky skin on elbows?

  • White spots on testicle skin causes itching? - Answered by top...
    If your scrotum has itchy white bumps under the skin you may have inclusion cysts, infected hair follicles, etc. If the spots are on the skin and flaky you may have a fungal infection. Either way, your doctor should be able to help after an exam.

  • Pimple on Scrotum, White, Small Hard Pimple Won’t Pop, STD...
    Bumps on scrotum skin can be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease (STD), a sign of cancer or may as well be very harmless.

  • Dry, itchy patch of skin on scrotum? Yahoo Answers
    White itchy patches underneath the penis(scrotum)? Dry, flaky skin on scrotum and small open sores?

  • Flaky Skin on Scrotum - Mens problems - NetDoctor.co.uk Health...
    21-06-2008 15:22 Flaky Skin on Scrotum. For some time now I have had a problem with dry, flaking skin on my scrotum.

  • Red, itching penis & testicles - flaky skin - Yeast Infection Forum...
    Its also itchy and flaky around my testicle sack. When its dry and I scratch it, flakes of skin like dandruff come off.

  • Dry flaky skin
    Sexual worries. Testicle problems.

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