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    Get the best deal with offers from Time Warner Cable. Choose from a variety of TV, Internet and Phone packages from Time Warner Cable - at prices that fit your budget.

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    Get the best deals on high-speed Internet offers from Time Warner Cable, your Internet service provider. Youll get the speed and security you need for streaming from your home, office or on-the-go. TWC plan names include Ultimate, Extreme, Turbo, Standard, Basic and Everyday Low Price.

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    Time Warner Package Deals There’s no need to buy expensive new phones or equipment, Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone service works with your existing phones and telephone jacks.

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    Deals that Include no fee HD Choices! With special features like these, it’s easy to see you’ve made the right choice in digital entertainment! Popular packages can include over 200 channels and can be customized to suit your personal viewing preferences. Time Warner Cable with On Demand gives...

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    Terry Jennings writes about the latest Time Warner Cable TV Deals and Offers to inform readers about the best prices available online.

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    Look at the current Time Warner Cable Bundle Packages!

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    Netflix, Time Warner Cable reach deal on streaming quality. 08/20/14 ,via Los Angeles Times.

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    As with most companies, Time Warner Cable offers several package deals for its prospective clients and has a proud set of features that come with the merchandise. Several are sold by local retailers and divisions of the Time Warner Cable Company itself.

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