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  • See how to fundraise online in minutes with GoFundMe.
    GoFundMe has created an easy way for your beneficiary to securely access the funds you have raised.

  • GoFundMe - Dashboard
    Confirm Email Address. Create Your Password. GoFundMes fee is 5% from each donation you receive.

  • Please sign in to access your GoFundMe account.
    Want to raise money using GoFundMe? Sign Up Now.

  • Am I responsible for taxes? (US Only) – GoFundMe Help Center
    GoFundMe will always respond to your emails. Our office hours are 7am-10pm PST.

  • House taxes for an autistic man by Victoria Griffith - GoFundMe
    Thank you for helping spread the word. Now donate to help it build momentum. House taxes for an autistic man.

  • Do I need to file taxes for GoFundMe money
    GoFundMe Help Centre: Am I responsible for taxes? GoFundMe Help Centre: Is my donation tax-deductible?

  • Tired of taxes? Try a GoFundMe – crowdfunding state budgets
    An Alabama senator this month launched a “Go Fund Me” to raise $300 million toward the state budget, which lawmakers have yet to pass.

  • Alabama state senator crowdfunding budget impasse - CNNPolitics.com
    Paul Sanford launched a GoFundMe campaign to "Fund the Alabama State Government," with $300 million.

  • Gofundme, or how to profit from others misery - F.S. Comeau
    And, of course, you can’t deduce your “donation/personal gift” from your taxes. GoFundMe is a business. Period.

  • GoFundMe Shuts Down Campaign Of Woman Who Blew Life Savings...
    So I cant start a go fund me for my projected future coke and gambling (probably hookers too) habit?

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