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    Turn on annotations before watching! (Updated 01/03/2012) I will continue updating the video with new solutions that I will find. If you have any solutions...

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    The "DNS error 80710102" is an error displayed on the Sony Playstation when attempting to connect to the Internet.

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    If you are clueless about how to fix PS3 DNS error that may crop up occasionally, this article offers you some help in solving the problem effectively. Read to know all about fixing PS3 DNS errors on your own.

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    Learning how to fix PS3 DNS error requires a bit of IT knowledge as it revolves around networking. Networking is the term used to describe computers and other electronic devices connecting to the internet.

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    How To Solve PS3 DNS Error 80710102. Change DNS Address This is the best method that should work for you. Simply change the DNS value on your PS3.

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    If you are having trouble logging into PSN on your PS3 due to the DNS error then use this guide to fix it and solve your problem permanently. Also, if you get disconnected from PSN quite often and get the DNS Error 80710102 you should read this tutorial.

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    Playstation 3 Error code 80710102 occurs when the your console and router are having some issue connecting to each other, and this happens due to error in DNS numbers. This 80710102 error can be resolve easily, all it require is reconfiguring the DNS numbers.

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