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    69.99 USD. With VHS to DVD 8.0 Deluxe, you can experience powerful and simple video conversion that lets you archive your VHS videos onto DVDs with just a few clicks. Dont lose another family moment to outdated technology and deteriorating videotapes.

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    49.99 USD. With Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus, you can convert the media you remember to a more modern format in just a few simple steps. Reduce video noise and stabilize shaky home videos while improving the color balance and lighting.

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    If you have to buy something, one option to consider is a VHS/DVD combo player (again widely available new and second hand, even though theyre largely obsolete) since most of these will let you record from VHS directly to a DVD

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    Convert VHS to DVD Convert VHS to DVD. * Supports analog video conversion * Includes a high-definition video editor * Motion enhancer for DVD and Blu-ray * Add background music to videos * Includes various different special effects * New support for Blu-ray …

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