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  • asp.net - How to get virtual directory physical path - Stack Overflow
    As we know that a virtual direcoty can be linked to a folder with a diffrent name, how can I get the physical path of a virtual directory ?

  • c# - Getting relative virtual path from physical path - Stack Overflow
    get virtual path from url in asp net mvc 5. 0. How can I create download links for all files in a directory in ASP.NET?

  • Getting virtual directory path in silverlight - Stack Overflow
    Couldnt quite get the virtual path, but found an acceptable workaround. Application.Current.Host.Source will always give the source of my .xap file within the ClientBin folder. This Uri will also have the virtual directory in it, if there is one.

  • Change the Physical Path of Virtual Directory Content (IIS 7)
    When you move the location of a virtual directorys content in the file system, you must also update the physical path in IIS to make sure that users can continue to access the content on the Internet.

  • ASP.NET Web Project Paths
    Gets the virtual path of the current request. For the example, the property returns the following: /MyApplication/MyPages/Default.aspx.

  • Virtual Directory <virtualDirectory> : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
    Get Help

  • PHP: dirname - Manual
    DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . my_file.php; ?> Also, another use of dirname is to get virtual directory (url path), the issue is the same as above, we have to check and process before concatenating strings.

  • How get the virtual path based on the physical path? PC Review
    Or, maybe, anyone know how to get virtual files pathes in some virtual directory without casting the directory virtual path to phisical path.

  • URL Parsing Using JavaScript: ...Number and Virtual Directory Path...
    return port_number; } Getting the virtual directory path of current page

  • How to get the Virtual Directorys physical path... - .NET Framework
    path or virtual dir, and name (using the Installer Class and the retrived values to be stored in text file, coz i need the physical path of vDir when uninstall the app).

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