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  • Entry Level Petroleum Engineering Jobs 2014
    These companies offer two main types entry level petroleum engineering jobs based on your career position. If you are not yet qualified for the field but are pursuing a degree in petroleum engineering and want to know what the Oil & Gas sector has to offer...

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  • Entry Level Petroleum Engineer Jobs in USA
    If a student’s education has been completed and they are looking to land an entry-level petroleum engineer position they are required to undergo extensive on the job training and will work under a senior engineer in either drilling, production or reservoir engineering.

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    Entry-Level Petroleum Engineers pull down an average of $92K per year. In the world of Entry-Level Petroleum Engineers, total cash compensation can vary between $59K and $140K.

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    Even though Chevron considers themselves as an integrated energy company, there are many entry level jobs available to kick start your career in petroleum engineering.

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    In the extraction phase, recruitment and training patterns and job titles vary from company to company. For example, some employers do not distinguish at entry level between petroleum, drilling and support engineering.

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