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  • What does hmm mean? hmm Definition. Meaning of hmm....
    This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of hmm is.

  • What does hmm mean? Definitions & Translations
    Meaning of hmm. What does hmm mean? Information and translations of hmm in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

  • Urban Dictionary: hmm
    hmm. Something somebody says when they are thinking about what you have just said. They have an opinion.. but dont want to tell you what it is.

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  • What does hmm mean - Definition of hmm - Word finder
    Definition of hmm. Douglas Harpers Etymology Dictionary. hmm. representative of a sound made during contemplation or showing mild disapproval, attested from 1868, but this is probably a variation...

  • hmm Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    hmm meaning, definition, what is hmm: something you say when you pause while talking or when you are uncertain

  • Hmm - definition and meaning
    Log in or Sign up. Hmm love. Define. Relate. List.

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    hmm definition: Hmm is defined as a sound you make to express hesitation or when you are thinking about something or dont know exactly what to say. (interjection)...

  • 7.9 The HMM Definition Language
    All global options must be defined before any other macro definition is processed. In practice this means that any HMM system which uses parameter tying must have a o option macro at the head of...

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