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  • Susan Atkins: Manson family killer dies from brain cancer Daily...
    Sharon Tates murderer Susan Atkins has died in prison, suffering from brain cancer.

  • Susan Denise Atkins, Former Follower of Cult Leader Charles Manson...
    Former cult follower of Charles Manson, Susan Denise Atkins has died of brain cancer.

  • ...the death of Manson follower and condemned prisoner Susan Atkins?
    "California Department of Corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton announced the death of Susan Atkins." Thorton noted that Atkins had been diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008, losing a leg to amputation and had only a short time to live when she

  • Susan Atkins Dead Brain Cancer
    Susan Atkins, who was a follower of Charles Manson and convicted for her role in the 1969 killing spree that took the life of Sharon Tate and her unborn...

  • Ketogenic Diet Therapy
    N CP C with this article P P D CN CN CN PC D D D Ketogenic Diet Therapy Epilepsy and brain tumours Susan

  • Susan Atkins -- Denied TMZ.com
    Brain cancer wont get you an early release from prison, not if youre Susan Atkins. The California parole board denied the application for release by the jailed Manson follower. Atkins, who was diagnosed with brain cancer and may have only six months to live...

  • Susan Atkins Hospitalized & Dying of Brain Cancer - UPDATE
    ► Charles Manson Family Member Susan Atkins 23rd Psalm " Death Bed Last Words" ABC News GMA. MichaelsBackporch.

  • Did Susan Atkins die: Susan Atkins dead - Celebgalz.com :: celebrity...
    Susan Atkins, a convict serving her sentence for the murder of actress Sharon Tate, will get a parole hearing soon. Atkins, a patient of brain cancer, has one leg amputated and her other leg is paralyzed.

  • news reports on rachel barber, caroline reed robertson parole
    Susan Atkins 2002 Interview with Dianne Sawyer. Susan Atkins is terminallyu ill and dying of brain cancer and has only 6 months to live.

  • Susan Atkins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Susan Denise Atkins (May 7, 1948 – September 24, 2009) was a convicted American murderer who was a member of the "Manson family", led by Charles Manson. Manson and his followers committed a series of nine murders at four locations in California, over a period of five weeks in the summer of 1969.

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