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  • Menu attributes Drupal.org
    You want to add additional classes or styles to a menu item. The module currently allows you to set the following attributes for each menu item

  • How do I add a class to the main menu ul? Drupal.org
    Overriding bootstrap sub theme main menu <ul> class.

  • Menu CSS Names Drupal.org
    This is a very simple module that takes the link text of each drupal menu item and adds it as a css class name to the menus <li> element. Using these class names, each menu item can be styled separately with css.

  • Menu Class Drupal.org
    Menu Class. Primary tabs. View(active tab).

  • drupal 7 add class to menu link Drupal 7
    Главная / drupal 7 add class to menu link.

  • Add class to main-menu ul without using a module in Drupal 7
    Thank you all for your help. Heres the corrected working code to get the tutorial i mentioned in my original post to work with Drupal 7: Note: Im using the main-menu as a block here.

  • How to Add unique classes to Drupal menus Adaptivethemes
    But, in normal Drupal menus, the ones that appear in blocks, no such classes appear, which leaves them all with the same style.

  • 7 - Add a class to main menu links - Drupal Answers
    Print_r($main_menu); each $main_menu items should have this structure: Array( title => xxx, href => xxx, attributes => array(. class => array(xxx), ), ); So you can add class to li by altering $main_menu array.

  • Add/change class of UL element of the menu Drupal snippets
    Clone this drupal snippet. Submitted by timonweb on Mon, 05/06/2013 - 11:35. In template.php file add the following snippet (In our case, were adding inline class to ul element of the menu)

  • Собственные классы для тегов ul в меню Drupal в рунете
    Техподдержка Drupal. Решение проблем. Собственные классы для тегов ul в меню.

  • Информация взята v3.kz