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  • The Inmate Locator
    Find and locate inmates, prison locations and Department of Corrections information. United States local, state and federal prison and jail inmate locators are included.

  • Inmate Locator
    Locate the whereabouts of a federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to the present.

  • State of California Inmate Locator
    The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has provided this inmate locator as an public service to promote public safety and welfare while providing access to selected offender...

  • "PA Inmate Locator"
    Inmate Locator – Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

  • Inmate Locator
    About Inmate Locator. All of the information shown for arrested/in-custody persons represents the most recent information known to the Sheriffs Office.

  • Free State and County Jail Inmate Locators
    Then you will be able to go directly to their inmate locator. There will also be links to free inmate locators for the county jails of each state.

  • Inmate Locator
    Oregon Inmate Locator you will be able to see a mug shot of the inmate, race, eye color, height, weight, birth date, current facility, and release date.

  • My Inmate Locator, Inmate Finder, Department of Corrections Inmate...
    On this web site you will find portals to Department of Corrections websites, Inmate Locators and information on Jails and Prisons. Unfortunately not all states have inmate locater systems.

  • United States Inmate Locator - Search Inmates & Prisoners Service
    Inmate locator and inmate finder , InmateLocator.us helps find and search for inmates and prisoners information.

  • Cook County Sheriff Inmate Locator
    Inmate Locator. Cook County Jail is considering implementing home-based video visitation – please consider taking this survey to convey your thoughts.

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