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  • CustomValidator client validation function not firing
    The custom validator JS function never gets fired. Ohh, and Im using a ValidationSummary control to display the errors.

  • CustomValidator - класс (System.Web.UI.WebControls)
    Next, add the client-side validation script function to the ASP.NET (.aspx) page.

  • How to: Validate with a Custom Function for ASP.NET Server Controls
    If existing ASP.NET validation controls do not suit your needs, you can define a custom server-side validation function and call it using the CustomValidator control. You can also add client-side validation to check user input before the page is submitted by writing a function in ECMAScript...

  • CustomValidator client validation function not working
    Hi, After reading your book, I write a small website to applied what I learned, but somehow the client validation function is not running... only the server side is running.

  • Using the CustomValidator Control - 4GuysFromRolla.com
    CustomValidator - Checks the form fields value against custom validation logic that you, the developer, provide.

  • Re: Passing value from CustomValidator to ClientValidationFunction
    The checkboxlist validation needs to be done with an asp.net CustomValidator, rather then pure Javascript.

  • How it works: ASP.NET Custom Validator
    How to use ASP.NET Custom Validator. You can assign two validation functions into Custom Validator. They are Server side in code behind and client script (VB or JavaScript).

  • Asp.NET 2.0 CustomValidator and Client script validation...
    When it’s time to validate the user input on an asp.net page the validators control come to the rescue. If you want to do some custom validation that is not supported by the standard validator controls that ship with asp.net 2.0 you can resort to use asp:CustomValidator.

  • Using client-side validation in ASP.NET CustomValidator control
    CustomValidator server control in ASP.NET is used to validate an input control using a custom function. It provides programmer with the flexibility to use a custom function for validating an input control.

  • ...associate a custom validation function with the CustomValidator...
    4 Custom validator with Javascript. 5 Performing validation against no particular field. 6 Use both client side and server side script to validate (VB.net).

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