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  • Pinus nigra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Pinus nigra, the Austrian pine or black pine, is a moderately variable species of pine, occurring across southern Mediterranean Europe from Spain to the eastern Mediterranean on Anatolian peninsula of Turkey and on Corsica/Cyprus, including Crimea...

  • Austrian Pine, Black Pine, European Black Pine Pinus nigra
    Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Austrian Pine, Black Pine

  • XfrogPlants Austrian Black Pine : Xfrog.com
    This XfrogPlants Austrian Black Pine 3D model collection contains three highly detailed, fully textured variations of the plant at different ages.

  • Austrian pine — Universalium
    Austrian pine — a widely cultivated pine, Pinus nigra, native to Europe and Asia Minor, growing to a height of more than 100 ft. (30 m), often planted as a windbreak.

  • Austrian Black Pine The Tree Center
    42.50 USD. Austrian Pine is a great choice for a trouble-free evergreen for a specimen or a screen. This fast growing tree will soon create a dramatic effect in your garden, with its mottled bark and rounded crown of dense, dark-green needles.

  • Pinus nigra Arnold European Black Pine
    Austrian (European black) pine in eastern Nebraska; a provenance test. USDA Forest Service, Research Paper RM-180.

  • Pinus nigra Austrian Pine, Black Pine PFAF Plant Database
    Common Name. Austrian Pine, Black Pine. Family.

  • Black Pine, Austrian Pine
    The Black Pine or Austrian Pine is an attractive and popular landscape tree prized for its dense, dark green foliage.

  • Stock Photo - Austrian Pine, Black Pine, Corsican Pine (Pinus nigra)....
    Austrian Pine, Black Pine, Corsican Pine (Pinus nigra). Two cones: A dry one with open scales and a moist one with closed ones.

  • Trees Identified: Austrian Pine/European Black Pine
    Austrian Pine/European Black Pine has these characteristics: Two needles per cluster. Length of needles 3" or more.

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