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  • USC-FBS - kuali - USC eMarket (PURAP)
    Training is required; take USC eMarket Requisition Approver Training. Invoice Exception Approver: Serves as escalation for issues with invoice processing.

  • USC-FBS - kuali - FAQs for USC eMarket
    Why are we implementing the USC eMarket? Who is involved with this implementation?

  • USC-FBS - kuali - Requesting Electronic Services -- eMarket
    USC eMarket allows purchasers to shop online, create and approve requisitions, generate purchase orders, and more in a searchable, trackable database.

  • USC-FBS - kuali - USC eMarket Deployment Schedule
    USC eMarket has been deployed in a series of ten waves, beginning with the pilot phase in July 2012 and ending in October 2012.

  • Step-by-Step Guide USC eMarket User Access Request
    Revised 7/1/2014 Helpdesk: (213) 740-5857 Email: USCeMarket@usc.edu Page 1 of 4 Step-by-Step Guide USC eMarket User Access Request 5. The first two sections on the Purchasing...

  • University of Southern California eMarket Supplier Portal
    University of Southern California is migrating to a new platform for our supplier portal.

  • emarket - (16)
    The purchasing and payments process is comprised of functions within the USC eMarket and Kuali Financial System. Users will primarily interact with the USC eMarket ...

  • Emarket - tag
    The USC eMarket can be accessed through KFS or directly via the link below. Users accessing the USC eMarket must be submitted by their departments for user access.

  • Jasmine Zhou LinkedIn USC Trojan Marching Band
    - Maintain budgets and accounts with values over $150,000 - Procure supplies from vendors and pay subsequent invoices punctually - Utilize USC eMarket to purchase supplies and submit requisitions...

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