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  • Steward (Hearthfire) - Elder Scrolls - Wikia
    A steward is an individual who offers his or her services in protecting and maintaining a homestead in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire. Once a homestead includes a basic small house, the option to appoint a steward becomes available.

  • Stewards Appointed from Followers
    Posted on September 6, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus. Skyrim: HearthfireStewards List.

  • skyrim hearthfire - ...a reason to be picky when choosing a steward?...
    If you pick a housecarl from another hold as your steward, they leave the original house empty. This has no effect at all on gameplay but it bothered me in a slightly OCD way.

  • Skyrim Hearthfire: Personal Steward - Orcz.com, The Video Games...
    A personal Steward (or House Steward) can help in Skyrim: Hearthfire can help with all sorts of stuff around the house including furnishing, materials, protecting the house, hiring a carriage and more. To make an NPC into your personal steward...

  • Skyrim Hearthfire Steward question...? Yahoo Answers
    Skyrim Hearthfire Steward question...? Okay, so Ive built my house, all I need is all the furniture, but I need a steward for that.

  • Skyrim Hearthfire Steward - YouTube
    Skyrim Hearthfire Steward. Wiggy. Abone olAbone olunduAbonelikten çık.

  • Hearthfire Steward Bug - Skyrim Technical Support - The Nexus...
    This removed all the modded dialogue options when it comes to followers, this seems to fix the hearthfire stewards.

  • Мастерская Steam :: Essential Stewards Hearthfire Addon
    This mod makes the Hearthfire stewards (the people you can hire that look after your house) essential. As you might of guessed, this mod requires you to have the hearthfire dlc installed.

  • Skyrim Hearthfire: Hire a steward in DLC Product Reviews Net
    Working out how to start some of the basic Skyrim Hearthfire tasks has been met with confusion, which would be for a number of reasons and in many cases is due to a lack of information on how to get started when building a house.

  • Hearthfire: Steward furnishing a room question Skyrim Forums
    I elected to have my steward furnish my bedroom and armory. He took the money and said he would make the arrangements.

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