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  • Несторианство, Несторий
    Nestorius and Nestorianism Нестория и несторианства.

  • CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Nestorius and Nestorianism
    Nestorius and Nestorianism. Help support New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download.

  • Nestorianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Nestorianism is a Christological doctrine that emphasizes the disunion between the human and divine natures of Jesus. It was advanced by Nestorius (386–450), Patriarch of Constantinople from 428–431, influenced by Nestorius studies under Theodore of Mopsuestia at the School of Antioch.

  • Несторианство — Википедия
    Несторианство — диофизитское христологическое учение, приписываемое противниками Несторию, Архиепископу Константинополя (428—431).

  • NestorianismWhat is Nestorianism?
    Nestorianism is the error that Jesus is two distinct persons. The heresy is named after Nestorius who was born in Syria and died in A.D. 451 and who advocated this doctrine. Nestorius was a monk who became the Patriarch of Constantinople, and he repudiated the Marian title, "Mother of God."

  • Nestorianism - OrthodoxWiki
    Nestorianism is a Christological heresy which originated in the Church in the 5th century out of an attempt to rationally explain and understand the incarnation of the divine Logos, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity as the man Jesus Christ.

    Несторианство, христологическая ересь. Возникла в начале V века.

  • Nestorianism Theopedia
    The council at Ephesus (431) accused Nestorius of the heresy of teaching "two persons" in Christ and insisted that Theotokos was an appropriate title for Mary. The problem with Nestorianism is that it threatens the atonement.

  • Nestorian heresy Article about Nestorian heresy by The Free...
    Related to Nestorian heresy: Patriarch Nestorius of Constantinople. Nestorianism, Christian heresy that held Jesus to be two distinct persons, closely and inseparably united.

  • Christian Faith : History :: Nestorianism Nestorian heresy
    This position was reaffirmed under the patriarch Babai (497-502), and since that time the church has been Nestorian. Nestorius had been anathematised at Ephesus in 431 for denouncing the use of the title Theotokos ("God-Bearer") for the Blessed Virgin...

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