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    COMPANIES ACT, 1956 [Act No. 1 OF 1956] PART I : PRELIMINARY Sections 1. Short title, commencement and extent 2. Definitions 2A.

  • Companies Act, 1956
    Definition Of a Company According to Companies Act .

  • Companies Act, 1956 authorSTREAM
    Index Definition of a Company Features Of Companies Act Characteristics Of A Company Lifting Of Corporate Veil Types of Companies Formation Of a Company Promoters Kinds Of Directors

  • Position of promoter in Companies Act, 1956 and in different Statues
    In the old Companies Act, 1956 there was no static definition of promoter although it was mentioned in various section, but in the new Companies Act, 2013 Section 2(69) defines promoter.

  • What is the role of promoter companies act 1956
    By companies act 1956 what are the characteristics of a company? Types of companies Most companies fall into two categories, depending on the type of liability that can be imposed on the owners:A company

  • Companies act 1956
    3. Sec.3 of Companies Act, 1956 defines company as- A company formed and registered under the Act or an existing company formed and

  • Promoters of company - Legal News / Law News & Articles - Free...
    Meaning and defination. There is no statutory definition of a promoter, although the term is used expressly in Sections. 62, 69, 76, 478 and 519. of the companies Act 1956. In the words of: “Bowen, L J.

  • Promoter, Director & Company – Preview of inter se relationship
    `Company’ vis a vis the Companies Act,1956 (`Companies Act’) is defined in S 2(10) to mean a `companydefined in S 3 which defines private and public companies and bring out its characteristics.

  • Companies Act 1956 Summary of key points
    The Companies Act 1956 is administered by the Government of India through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Offices of Registrar of Companies

  • Companies Act, 2013
    The most recent attempt to revise the 1956 Act was the Companies Bill, 2009 which was introduced in the Lok Sabha, one of the two Houses of

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