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  • PHP: extension_loaded - Manual
    This parameter is case-insensitive. You can see the names of various extensions by using phpinfo() or if youre using the CGI or CLI version of PHP you can use the -m switch to list all available extensions: $ php -m [PHP Modules]...

  • PHP: Extension List/Categorization - Manual
    Installed as an Apache module.

  • How do I see the extensions loaded by PHP? - Stack Overflow
    php -m. will give you all the modules, and.

  • PHP modules list KSWEB
    PHP modules list. KSWEB’s PHP includes extensions

  • How to create PHP extensions – part I: simple functions...
    define PHP_MY_EXTENSION_VERSION "1.0" #define PHP_MY_EXTENSION_EXTNAME "my_extension". extern zend_module_entry

  • PHP extensions - ISPWiki
    PHP (stands for Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language that is often embedded into HTML to add functions HTML alone cannot do. PHP allows you to collect, process and use data to create a desired output.

  • API:Extensions - MediaWiki
    2 Extending core modules. 3 List of extensions with API functionality. 4 Caching. 5 Returning errors.

  • Displaying a list of all modules (extensions) installed - PHP
    I just signed up for a web hosting service. They have PHP, but cant tell me which modules (extensions) are installed.

  • An Extension Module Example — Vtiger CRM views/List.php
    An Extension Module Example¶. Requirements¶. User should be able to add new RSS feed and read the existing feed.

  • Modules Anywhere - Joomla! Extension Directory
    NoNumber extensions require php 5.3.13+ See for more requirements: http

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