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  • php - Explode string by one or more spaces or tabs - Stack Overflow
    Exploding string on space but not spaces in quotation marks. 9. php explode: split string into words by using space a delimiter. 0.

  • PHP: explode - Manual
    Well, PHP5 manages to run out of memory *at the first stage* (exploding the string on the space character).

  • PHP на русском: Функция explode() - Разбивает строку с помощью...
    Разбивает строку с помощью разделителя. Обработка строк. PHP Manual. Сайт посвящен документации по PHP. Руссифицированное руководство с примерами на PHP. Фреймворки, шаблонизаторы, набор часто употребляемых функций.

  • PHP Tutorial - explode PHP - String Explode
    The PHP function explode lets you take a string and blow it up into smaller pieces. For example, if you had a sentence you could ask explode to use the sentences spaces " " as dynamite and it would blow up the sentence into separate words, which would be stored in an array.

  • PHP: explode - Manual
    Nifty multiple explode function: <?php function multipleExplode($delimiters = array(), $string = ){.

  • php: Separate Spaced Words within a String
    $words = explode( , $string)

  • PHP.SU - Функция explode()
    explode -- Разбивает строку на подстроки. Описание. array explode ( string separator, string string [, int limit] ).

  • PHP String explode , This section contains the detail about the PHP...
    In PHP, you can break a string into different pieces using explode() function. You can break string where blank spaces" " are available or hyphen"-" or any other special character is used.

  • PHP explode() white space issue - PHP - The SitePoint Forums
    I&#39;ve got an issue with spacing in strings when I do explode(); I&#39;m sure there is an easy fix for this The user enters a string into a form like this: one, two, three, four, five, six OR like this one,two,three,four,fiv…

  • explode - ...строку с помощью разделителя Руководство по PHP...
    explode (PHP 4, PHP 5) explode — Разбивает строку с помощью разделителя Описание array explode ( string $delimiter , string $string ) Возвращает массив строк, полученных разбиением.

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