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  • installer - Wix major upgrade - Stack Overflow
    The most straight forward way would be to schedule your RemoveExistingProducts after InstallExecute or InstallFinalize. That way the config file is not removed and then installed again (like if you schedule before InstallInitialize).

  • How To: Implement a Major Upgrade In Your Installer
    Major upgrades are the most common form of updates for .msis, and including support in your

  • MajorUpgrade Element WiX Toolset
    Simplifies authoring for major upgrades, including support for preventing downgrades.

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    Major Upgrades using WiX. Recently one of my colleagues wrote about his experience with WiX, and how he could create a simple installer in fifteen minutes.

  • Getting started with WiX and Major Upgrades! David Mohundro
    Now that I know what it should do (and what to search for), Im finding plenty of WiX articles on how to do major upgrades!

  • Major upgrades now easier than ever – Joy of Setup
    So, like the last time I tweaked the WiX language, it’s time for a new feature: The MajorUpgrade element encapsulates the most common options for major upgrades and creates the appropriate...

  • wix-users - Major upgrade removing files
    -----Original Message----- From: Phil Wilson [mailto:[hidden email]] Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 11:04 AM To: General discussion about the WiX toolset. Subject: Re: [WiX-users] Major upgrade removing...

  • From MSI to WiX, Part 8 - Major Upgrade - Alex Shevchuk - Site...
    Installation Wix script with no Major Upgrade support.

  • David Gardiner - Daves Daydreams: Major upgrades with WiX
    Major upgrades with WiX. I thought I was going crazy.. I’d built an installer using WiX and set the product version to

  • Wix Major Upgrade and Install Context Issues - QuestionInBox
    I have a Wix project that I have set to allow major upgrades. Im using WixUI_Advanced for a choice between per-user and per-machine installs.

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